Kitchen-Angels support the community by taking lead in hosting different charity events
2ten FM 2005
- Fund Raising for Children in Need

Chef Hassen Guerroudj was auctioned on air for New Year's Eve 2005 as a personal chef and the winning bid went to the Children's Charity NSPCC. He did personal chef services for a family of 12 providing 5-course meal and breakfast champagne the next day. Kitchen Angels provided all the ingredients, cutlery, cookery and linen for the family's New Year's Eve celebration.

Charity Prize Draw for NSPCC 31 March 2008
- Fund Raising for NSPCC

The Charity 5-a-Side Football and prize draw event was held in Newbury Rugby Club was held in aid of NSPCC and Shelter. One of the prizes at stake is to have a personal chef for the night and Mr. Hassen Guerroudj will do the services. He offered his services free of charge and Kitchen Angels the food ingredients, cutlery, cookery and linens.

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